Creating Fantastical Tales

Martii writes unique stories for young readers that will fascinate, entertain and spark the imagination.

Books are amazing places where anything is possible. Within their covers, books hold worlds to explore, adventure in and wonder at. Martii creates books that are doorways to the fantastical worlds that are bought to life by imagination.

Martii’s life has been enriched by books since she was very young. Over the years, as a mum and grandma, teacher and teacher-librarian, she has had the privilege of sharing her love of stories and story-telling with many young people. These experiences have given her precious insight into what makes stories enjoyable for young readers. And this has inspired her to create her own unique stories for young people so that they can explore the strange, twisty and wonderful ‘what if’ worlds that are just beyond the here and now.

If I Die Before I Wake

If I die before I wake book coverThis young adult fantasy is an unexpected retelling of the sleeping beauty myth.

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We of the Between

A young adult sci-fi fantasy, a mysterious and menacing mermaid tale.

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Weird Weirder Weirdest

weird weirder weirdest book coverThis is a quirky collection of short stories for the middle grade reader.

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