Upcoming Events

Saturday November 19. Share Your Story: Pathway to Independent Publishing

I will be joining the Share Your Story Team at 9.30 at Wynnum Library to share my knowledge about the pathway I have taken to independently publish my books. I will tell the tale of my indie-publishing journey and pass on some of the helpful tips and  information I’ve picked up along the way. Come along and find out about editing and covers, budgets and book launches, and lots more.


Events Journal

June 9: In conversation with … Martii and Bel and The Gnome

This was so much fun. I got to chat the humans and the gnome at Little Gnome Coffee and Books at Wynnum. My  ‘Conversation’ was all about creative thinking and how I get my ideas for building worlds and creating characters. It was great to share thoughts, coffee and a good laugh with the awesome people at Little Gnome



Saturday 15th July. Share Your Story: budget basics for indie-publishing.

The wonderful Michelle Worthington has invited me along to another Share Your Story. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to share the nut-and-bolts details about budgeting and the stepping stones along the way for indie-published authors journeying from draft to book launch. Come along and learn what goes on behind the scenes at Kooky Cat Books.

April 4, 2017: The Flash Fantasy Writing Workshops were awesome  fun. There young writers aged from 5 to 13 and the ideas they came up with were amazing. There were stories about talking soccer balls, magical stone tablets that could conjure dinosaurs. There were mind-boggling story worlds and adventurous characters. I hope I get to read books written  by these young writers in the future.


April 8, 2017: we had a wonderful time yesterday welcoming ‘Weird Weirder Weirdest’ into book world. Lost of friends and young readers gathered at The Mad Hatter’s Bookshop at Manly. I had a fun time reading one of the weird stories to some young people and then we ate a slice, or two, of very green cake. Thank you so much for all the support and good wishes.


Saturday 18th March ‘Share Your Story’ – Goal setting for creatives.

I had an amazing session sharing  ideas about goal setting with Michelle Worthington and the amazing writerly people at Share Your Story Brisbane. Goals setting is something I’m very passionate about and I strongly believe it is the secret ingredient that us to fit just a little bit more into our busy days and enables us to accomplish those extra things that enrich our lives. For me, that means balancing the responsibilities of my indie-publishing business and still ensuring I have time to indulge my creativity and keep producing weird and fantastical tales. The morning discussion was full of innovative strategies and tactics for achieving our creative goals.


18 February Share Your Story

I spent the day with children’s author Michelle Worthington and some dynamic and inspiring creatives to share ideas and learn about about writing for children. I took along a picture book manuscript entitled ‘Buddy Who Lost His Bark’. I’ve been working on it for a long time and with the support and guidance of Michelle and the Share Your Story tribe I have made a start of this book’s publication journey.

11 January 2017 ‘Book Signing’

It was a very hot day on Saturday at Books@Stones but I really enjoyed meeting people and signing copies of my young adult fantasy novel ‘If I Die Before I Wake’ and introduce the sequel to ‘If I Die’ entitled ‘Tales of Blood and Fate’ which I hope will be available later this year.  It was exciting to talk about my brand new book ‘Weird Weirder Weirdest’. It’s a quirky collection of short SF/fantasy stories for younger readers (9-12) which was released on Amazon kindle just last Friday.

21 January 2017 ‘Share Your Story’

Share Your Story Brisbane is the brain-child of award winning picture book author Michelle Worthington. She has worked hard to build a forum in which a dynamic group of creatives can share ideas and learn from each other.

I was invited to sit on a discussion panel to share some of the marketing strategies I use in my indie-publishing business. I also did some show and tell, explaining the way I plot out my novels. As you can see in the photo my planning is a little messy but quite detailed, which lets me see the story is working before I start writing and it is flexible enough to allow me to change direction or make amendments when parts of the story aren’t working.

I love being part of the Share Your Story tribe. There is always an energetic exchanging of ideas. We all get our chances to be a Yoda or a Luke by sharing what we already know and learning from people who are equally passionate about writing and creating.

29 October 2016 ‘Indie Author Day’

Little Gnome Coffee and Books at Wynnum hosted an awesome celebration of creative talent. I felt privileged to be included in this group of dynamic writers. I presented a talk and answer questions about my indie-publishing journey so far. Then I spent the afternoon chatting with some amazing authors who are committed to growing a supportive network of independently published authors who can learn from each other and be inspired.


5th October 2016 – ‘Author in Action’

I had a great morning at Capalaba Library, meeting with readers and writers in the Redlands to talk about my new YA novel ‘If I Die Before I Wake’. They were a wonderful audience and I got to share some of my experiences about developing a story and growing it into a novel. I also had the opportunity to speak about being an indie publisher. I wish lots of encouragement and every success to the buddy writers I met today, I hope you enjoy your writing journey as much as I have so far.