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If I Die Before I Wake

If I die before I wake book coverVreni is fifteen and cursed. She has slept and woken at the whim of that curse since her birth over a century ago. Vreni is kept isolated from the world by her family, and yearns for a normal life. She has been asked by her family’s guardians, to learn the secrets of their magic and help them retrieve what remains of the sleeping potion from the evil alchemists who created it. With these last few drops they hope to create a cure and set Vreni and her family free from the curse. Available in paperback and ebook:

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Weird Weirder Weirdest

weird weirder weirdest book coverThis quirky collection of short stories will take you to weird worlds just beyond the here and now. Strange places where kids can control time, where playing is against the law and where rag-dolls can become real girls. In these places magic can be found everywhere, even in cakes and pens and running shoes. Come and take a look. It’s not too far, just beyond the here and now. Available in paperback and ebook:

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We of the Between
The world is changed, poisoned. The seas have warmed and risen to flood the land.Trin is part of a team that defy the stormy seas at the new coastline to help heal the oceans. But now Trin is hearing voices from the stormy sea. Is she sick or crazy? Rilla has lived hidden deep in the ocean all her life. Challenging her father’s rulings, she will take the catalyst to transform and ascend, leaving the world of the Abrax forever so she can help the walkers heal Mother Ocean. When two strangers arrive on the high tide, Trin and Rilla’s lives will change forever. Their fates will be intertwined in the place between two worlds. Available in  paperback and ebook:   Amazon     Booktopia    B&N      Kobo