Writer Mentoring

Gain knowledge, skills and feedback to support your writer life.
Manuscript development and mentoring when, where and how you need it. Customised to your goals and needs.
From my writing space to yours: email, phone, video messaging and at the Your Writer Life discussion group.

Manuscript Development
Feedback and tips on story concept, structure and advice on writer-craft.

Offering 25 years of knowledge and experience with stories as a teacher, teacher-librarian, parent and grandparent, sharing insights about what makes a story engaging for young readers.

Understanding the uniqueness of sci-fi and fantasy worlds and pleased to take the trek with you as you build your story world.

Picture book – Lower grade (up to 1000 words – $100 AU)
Middle grade – Young adult (1-3 chapters, up to 8000 words – $120 AU)
Adult – sci-fi and fantasy (1-3 chapters, up to 8000 words – $120 AU)

Mentoring Service
Offering wide ranging experience of stories and writing across age groups and genre.

Sharing effective writer-craft strategies to develop effective creative practice and professional author presence.

Passing on first-hand, practical experience in all facets of independent publishing.

Single $100 per session (1hour)

Choose to take a very flexible and self-paced journey into your writer life by picking up one mentoring session (including content YOU choose) or a manuscript appraisal whenever YOU want it.

Bundle $300 (pre-paid)

Choose three mentoring sessions on topics YOU choose to suit your needs or combine two sessions and manuscript development brief (save $20) and spread the sessions across 3-6 months and decide each topic as you go.

Writer Life Topics
Story plotting
World building
Character development
Finding your writer niche
Planning for writing
Manuscript development
Time management and goal setting
Developing teaching notes and books resources
Developing an author website
Simple social media
Indie Publishing Life Topics
Basic budget facts
Setting up your imprint
Straightforward record keeping
Legal deposit and lending rights
DIY book trailers/promo copy
Book launches

Complete this downloadable questionnaire – email it to yourwriterlife@gmail.com and start Your Writer Life today.
Happy writing – Martii